Deformations of nose from birth or due to breath-related problems; crooked noses; deformations after blows or accidents as well as health problems relating to the nose may affect the good looks of your face and your health in a negative way.

A shapeless nose structure that spoils your expression may trigger self-confidence problems. You may experience serious sleep-related health problems because of dysfunctional breathing.

A natural look is the most crucial element in rhinoplasty (nose surgery). That’s why it is a necessity to make a specific computer design for each individual before the operation. Through rhinoplasty, which means cosmetic nose surgery, your nose can be made smaller or bigger in size; the tip or the hump of your nose can be reshaped or thickened; the distance between the nostrils can be narrowed and the angle between the nose and the upper lip can be readjusted. Moreover, the deformations of the nose from birth or the damage to the nose due to an accident may be corrected. In cases where the patient has problems in breathing from the nose, there might be other interventions to solve the breathing-related problems along with rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty may be applied to patients once their adolescence is over, after the nose has taken its final shape. This usually corresponds with to the ages of 17-18.  Therefore, rhinoplasty may be performed on individuals who are over the age of 17-18 and have deformed nose structure.

Rhinoplasty should be performed under general anesthesia. All the surgeries that require general anesthesia are performed in a general hospital, in an operating room. The duration varies between 1 and 4 hours depending on the problem.

A plaster is used to protect the new form of the nose after the operation. There will not be major swelling or bruising but there might be some swelling on the eyelids during the first 24 hours after the operation. The swelling may become more noticeable over the first few days but will rapidly lessen and vanish in a week. If bruising occurs, it will totally disapear in a week as well.

The low level pain that might be experienced can be controlled by using painkillers suggested by your doctor. Applying cold compress will relieve the swelling and make you feel better.

Patients recover the following day

Most patients who have nose surgery recover the day after they have the operation. The doctor will inform you about going back to your routine activities. It will be best to stay away from challenging activities for two weeks.

You should be careful not to receive a blow to your nose and avoid exposure to sunlight for eight weeks. You should be very gentle with your nose while you are washing your face and hair or applying make-up. You should not use your glasses until your nose totally recovers, which will take three months. The definite and ‘established’ results will be evident within one year.

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