What is Regena (VSF) ?
What is Regena (VSF) ?

Studies that have made significant progress in tissue engineering since 2016 have shown that multipotent mesenchymal cells are found in human adipose tissue as well as bone marrow.

Adipose tissue has become a major source in today’s stem cell studies due to its easy accessibility and its wide availability in the human body.

It has been shown that autologous and recombinant suspensions rich in growth factors obtained from oil rapidly heal damaged tissue and increase proliferation and growth on hair root cells.

This multipotent group of repair cells in adipose tissue is called the vascular stromal fraction (VSF) or REGENA in our CLINIC.


When these cells are applied to the tissue, they produce their effects by secreting growth factors, cytokines, extracellular matrix proteins and lipid mediators in that area. VEGF, in particular, increases the formation of new vessels and stimulates growth, especially on hair follicles.


Regena is a treatment method applied to patients who experience hair loss and sparse hair.After application; it has been observed that hair loss stops, shed hair grows back, and the new hair that grows out is healthier, lively and brighter than the old one. In this treatment, the patient’s own fat cells are enriched with individual mesenchymal cells and applied to the scalp.

Transmed Medical Center employs the REGENA application in the following patient profiles:

•In patients who will have a hair transplant one week before the operation;

•In patients who had a hair transplant approximately 1 year after the operation;

• People with Early Stage Hair Loss Problem

• The efficiency value is high in the vertex region where circulation is less than other hairy regions.

REGENA is recommended once a year for patients who are experiencing hair loss in the early stages


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