Eyebrow Transplantion
Eyebrow Transplantion

Eyebrows have a quite significant role in facial expression by encircling eyes. It is observed that facial expression of a person whose eyebrows get thins or partially loss is seriously distorted.

Naturalness with eyebrow transplantation

Eyebrows fixed with tattoos or cosmetic products cause an artificial look. And this problem seems completely insoluble in men. Eyebrow transplantationcan be described as the process of transplanting healthy hair follicles removed from the area in the backside of the head between two ears and called as donor area into eyebrows. This procedure begins with the patient and the plastic surgeon deciding on the desired eyebrow style during consultation. Afterwards, the patient is given a light sedative and local anesthesia is applied to the area that will be operated on.
The follicles taken from scalp shall be placed in extra refined incisions for not leaving any marks on the area after the process and having a natural look. The procedure lasts one hour on average and taking a bath is possible just after 24 hours.
In the four days following the eyebrow transplantation, slight crusting or rashes may be observed in the area. The transplanted area heals in four to five days. The transplanted eyebrows fully grow in three to six months. Although it is usually not required, at the end on the sixth month, the growth is evaluated and if necessary a second session is planned to reach the desired outcome.

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