Hair Check-Up Program (Re Growth)
Hair Check-Up Program (Re Growth)

We revive your hair

It is a combined treatment application, which is applied by investigating the cause of hair loss with laboratory tests, especially in people who experience intense hair loss.

These treatments

  • PRP
  • Growth Factor
  • Vitamin support
  • Mesotherapy
  • Laser Therapy

These treatments are applied individually or in a 3-month program with 1-week intervals and promise eighty percent patient satisfaction.

  • Hair regrowth by rejuvenating the scalp,
  • Increased thickening of hair,
  • Increase in hair count,
  • Reduction in hair loss,
  • Strengthen, enhance and thicken your existing hair,
  • Improving the condition, quality and overall cosmetic appearance of the hair,
  • An increase in the growth of newly planted hair follicles has been observed.

Let us call you for a free examination appointment made by specialist doctors in our clinic. Let us determine the treatment that is right for you, and your hair will be revived.uzman doktorlar tarafından yapılan ücretsiz muayene randevusu için sizi arayalım. Size uygun tedaviyi belirleyelim, saçlarınız yeniden canlansın.

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