PRP + Laser Application (Reversa)
PRP + Laser Application (Reversa)

Innovative approach to men’s hair health


It is a combination of PRP + Laser application and oral Hair Vitamin.It is suitable for young men who are at the beginning of their hair loss story and want to strengthen their thinning hair. It covers six months treatment period.

It includes 3 times PRP plus 3 times Laser application and 6 months of topical application of finasteride applied to the skin.

PRP is the application of platelets, which are the person’s own blood cells, by activating them into a dense liquid and injecting them into the hair follicles.REVERSA has been observed to prevent hair loss and increase hair volume in areas treated after 6 months of application.In other words, REVERSA treatment is the injection of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, capillary circulation accelerating drugs and organic materials that nourish the epithelial tissue, as well as rich liquids used to rejuvenate the skin, into the skin.As a result of this application, the hair follicles are both nourished and the tissue to which the roots are attached is repaired. Men who want to protect their existing hair or anyone who has a hair loss problem can apply to the REVERSA method.During the REVERSA procedure, the cells called platelets in the blood taken from the patient are filtered and injected to the scalp.

Platelet cells contain cytokines and tissue regenerating biological chemicals. Since these regenerative biological materials are composed of one’s own cells, the procedure has no side effects. Platelets, also known as healing cells, provide the revitalization of hair follicles and accelerate their activities. During the procedure, which takes only 10 minutes and does not require any preparation, a small amount of liquid is applied to the scalp with an injector as thin as a hair.

PRP is one of the most effective methods of activating the person’s own blood cells, platelets, turning them into a dense liquid and injecting them into the hair follicles, stopping hair loss, especially in sudden shedding, where the process is supported by multivitamins and a laser comb, and it saves time for diagnosis, regardless of the cause.

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