Butt Surgery
Butt Surgery

When muscles expand because of hormonal factors such as childbearing or pregnancy, it may result in soft and fatty tissue formation. The ageing experienced by male and female adults becomes evident with myolysis and flattening of the muscles and in some cases with genetic flattening and excessive fat accumulation.

Large and big hips rounded on the sides make legs look shorter and distort the proportion between the upper and lower body.

Hips contain the largest muscle groups that pull the static weight of our body. The muscles which are called the gluteal muscle groups are in charge of providing the upstraight position and protecting the posture of the body. Weak and underdeveloped muscles of the hip are related with general postural defects. Those people who do ballet or play football have strikingly tight and upright hips which make one look young. On the other hand the feminine look is different; there is a slight outward curve formed by rounded lines. It is true that sports help you to have an upright hip structure and this form is far from having rounded feminine lines.

Exercise gives a certain level of sharpness and youthfulness by strengthening the muscles; but it is not possible to attain aesthetic norms only by exercising. Exercise could only help in cases where the hips have a slight problem such as being large or flat, and exercise should be continuous to give any benefit. Hips and thighs are influenced by genetical factors. Large, flat and low hips are frequently seen. If you have problems in your hip area because of genetical reasons, it is recommended that your children at around the age of seven practice sports or arts such as ballet or gymnastics until the age of twenty.

Anyone who feels a disproportion in their body can apply for the operation. There are methods like liposhaping, replacements, shaping for an upright form, ‘hanging’ and fatty tissue injection amongst the plastic surgeries performed for the hips. The operations are usually performed under general anesthesia and take 2-3 hours depending on the method that is used. The patient may leave the hospital on the operation day and may return to their social routine in 3-4 days.

The hip area, just as other parts of the body, has a big role in aesthetic assessments. If you want your hips to have an aesthetic look and if you would like to receive some special and positive comments from your friends, spouse or those in your general environment, you can attain your desired appearance and start a totally different life through this operation.

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