Breast Augmentation Surgery
Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast implant operations are amongst the most preferred surgeries. The fullness of your breasts provides a more balanced and proportional appearance and increases your self-confidence. Augmentation operations may be performed through breast replacement in cases where the breasts need to be removed (mastectomy) or the breasts require reconstruction after injuries. The method of replacement will vary according to the type of the prosthesis, the desired breast size, your body type as well as the suggestions of your plastic surgeon.

The cuts will be covered by stitches and using skin glue or surgical tape. The marks of the cuts will disappear in time. The type of breast prosthesis will be determined considering the anatomy of your body, your skin elasticity and your body type rather than your desired breast size. The results will be observed immediately. Breast prosthesis has no negative effect on breastfeeding or pregnancy especially when it is placed under the muscles.

How long does recovery take after mammoplasty?

After an operation which might take 2-4 hours, you may experience some pain or swelling for a few weeks of your recovery period. Additionally you should be careful with your movements for a few days following the procedure.

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