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Fue Technique stands for “FolicularUnitExtraction” term. It is the work of extraction of micro hair follicle bundles called follicular unit and located on scalp one by one and placement of these into new places. Follicular units to be transplanted are extracted from scalp with a special ...


Hair follicles are stronger with IceGraft method and the results are more efficient! The follicle taken out from your head is awaited in an aliveness increasing solution as per IceGraft merhod applied before hair transplantation and then cooling process is applied. As the quality of tissue increase ...


Being an abbreviation for Platelet Rich Plasma words, PRP means a kind of biological medicine acquired from our own blood. In this treatment method; Platelet-rich plasma liquid is mixed with platelet derived autologous proteins and applied to the area where hair is thin. Particularly, it is ...


Sp. Dr. Melike Külahçı

Ali Dursun Kan


We have helped our 10.000+ male guests to regain their hair from 47 countries in 21 years. You can also regain your hair with hair transplantation without wasting time. Knowing the value of each strand lost for years, we work for your happiness in the mirror with hair transplantation performed by our specialists. With your new hair, you can feel refreshed just like other men getting a chic appearance!

You can receive information about hair transplantation by contacting us if you want to regain your hair, and you can learn hair transplantation methods to be applied to you by getting an appointment from our specialists.


Mesotherapy in Hair Loss

Hair Mesotherapy can be used to treat and aid seasonal, stress-dependent, post-conceptional (except for the breast feeding period) hair losses as well as partial hair losses (Alopecia), and to aid hormone-related hair losses (such as ...

14 January 2016
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What is the Life Cycle of Hair?

Natural Hair Growth Cycle of Body Hair One of the reasons of hair loss is its own life cycle. The hair falls out at certain intervals and each hair follicle produces a new hair after a resting phase which lasts about for 3 months. This is a necessary rhythmic cycle of the hair for rejuvenation…

3 September 2015
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Which Hair Transplantation Method is Suitable for You?

PRP supported hair transplantation, robotic hair transplantation, stem cell supported hair transplantation, motorized FUE, unshaven FUE…

31 August 2015
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