Unshaven Hair Transplant
Unshaven Hair Transplant

One of the most common concerns that people who wish to have a hair transplant have is that all of their hair have to be trimmed.It is reasonable to have such concerns because our hair has a direct impact on our appearance and image.

Can Hair Transplantation Be Performed Without Shaving the Hair?

Yes! Unshaven Hair Transplantation allows you to receive a hair transplant without shaving all of your hair.

. This method, called unshaved FUE, is an alternative method developed for people who do not want to look short-haired after hair transplantation. Unshaven hair transplantation can be an alternative solution for people who want to return to their business and social life in a short time and without having their hair cut.

What are the Differences of Unshaven Hair Transplantation from standard Hair Transplantation?

In shaved hair transplantation, the scalp must be cut as number 1 completely.

The reason for this is that shaved FUE has to be performed in dense hair transplantation, which we call the root, which is completely empty, especially in the crown area, which needs very dense hair transplantation, that is, between 3,000 and 5,000 grafts. Because a shave is required in the nape area for the collection of hair follicles.

It is possible to perform unshaven FUE in men and women where the transplantation area is small and hair transplantation can be performed in between.

Who Is Unshaven Hair Transplant Suitable For?

Those who wish to get a hair transplant without shaving their hair, which is common in their career and social life, so that they may have continuous meetings, interviews, and presentations, it is also an effective option for ladies who do not want to completely shave their hair.

Who is eligible for Unshaven Hair transplant?

Because the trimmed area is limited in unshaven hair transplantation, it also limits the area to be transplanted.

As a result, patients who do not have extensive hair loss can benefit from Unshaven FUE hair transplantation.

According to Transmed Medical Director Dr. Melike Külahçı, the unshaven FUE method provides an option for patients who desire to get a hair transplant without trimming their hair, Dr.Melike emphasizes an important point:   “It would be appropriate for the patient to decide together with his doctor as a result of consultation whether the unshaven FUE hair transplantation technique is suitable for the candidate.”

Benefits and Difficulties for the Patient in Unshaven Hair Transplantation

After a thorough examination with a specialist doctor, the applicant who wishes to have a hair transplant may receive an unshaven FUE if his condition is adequate.

However, before having unshaven hair transplantation, should be evaluated the advantages and disadvantages to one’s health and quality of life.


·         Unshaven hair transplantation, patients do not need to shave their hair for the operation.

  • The existing hair style is preserved after the operation.
  • Wounds and crusting in the donor area do not draw attention.
  • There is a quick return to work and social life.


  • It is an excellent option, particularly for ladies who do not want to shave their hair.
  • It meets the needs of males who have long hair and do not want to cut it short.


  • When compared to shaved hair transplantation, the operation time for unshaven hair transplantation can increase by 50%. (5-hour intervention can be extended 7-8 hours.)
  • The doctor and his team who will do the hair transplant put in additional time and effort.
  • The cost may rise depending on the duration of the operation and the labor.
  • Since the hair is not trimmed, the risk of complications after the operation is slightly higher. The patient should pay great attention to the hygiene and care conditions after the intervention.

Who Should Do Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

Unshaven Hair transplant procedures must be carried out with considerable caution. Transmed Medical Center exclusively employs doctors who are experts in their fields. Our clinic provides results that are always natural as a result of our experts’ knowledge and years of experience.

Our patients who have lost their crown region, in particular, should be examined by our expert doctors to determine whether the donor area required for hair transplantation is sufficient, and they should understand how to get the best results and make an informed decision about the treatment.

Transmed Medical Center, the core of naturalness and success in hair transplantation, focuses on scientific advancements in the treatment of hair and scalp using stem cells and hair loss treatments.

Our doctors, who have consistently specialized in the surgical department at the same address for 28 years, perform hair transplantation with artful accuracy. We ask our patients for a check-up every 3 months to take early precautions in case of a problem, because the outcomes of hair transplantation are noticed 6-8 months later, not the following day. Transmed Medical Center also has the distinction of being the only medical clinic that uses this technique

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