Permanent Change that comes through vaginoplasty!

The operation of tightening the vagina which is called vaginoplasty is an operation that is usually preferred by women who experienced abortion, frequent sexual intercourse, have had one or more children or a difficult child birth because of an overweight baby.  It is also preferred by women who have a congenitally wide vagina even though they haven’t borne any children.

Besides the plastic surgery for vagina, there are also functional and remedial operations such as compressing or rejuvenating the vagina, urinary incontinence and hymen repair. Some of the women may desire an aesthetic correction in the labia majora of the vagina or on the overall vulva in addition to functional corrections. Vaginoplasty which has been quite popular in recent years yields satisfying, safe and permanent results.

Vaginoplasty is amongst the sexual plastic operations aimed at patient satisfaction. It is a process that benefits the individuals in both functional and aesthetic terms.

After the Operation

Patients who will be operated on under local anesthesia should have a full stomach; whereas those who will be operated on under general anesthesia should not consume anything before the surgery.

The operation will take 1-1.5 hours. The patient can go home on foot after 1-2 hours of rest in the observation room. The patients will not have any serious pain after the operation but it is normal to experience slight aching, swelling (edema) and blood spotting. The patient may have a warm bath after a day. It is safe to go back to work in 2-3 days as long as you have your medical dressings and regularly use the medicines suggested by your doctor.

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