Face Lift
Face Lift

Why face lift?

As people get older, adipose tissues weaken, decrease and thin. As the underlying adipose tissue weakens, the skin loses its elasticity and gets saggy. Face, forehead and eye areas get wrinkly; eyebrow, cheeks, underside of chin and neck get saggy; eyelid’s adipose tissues become clear and as a result brings up a old, tired and displeased look.

The face lift operation can be done alone or with additional operations like blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), chin enhancement, liposhaping for underside of the chin, fat injection and nose operations.
Depending on the operation a slow healing process may be experienced by those who smoke.
The facelift operation can be performed in a hospital. If general anesthesia is used, the patient will have to stay over at the hospital for 1-2 days. The facelift operation requires for few hours. If the procedures are comprehensive, some doctors prefer doing two sessions.
Cuts are usually at the temples, begin above the hairline and follows the line that is in front of the ear. Patients who return to work after ten days, usually take off the bandage in 1-5 days. Most patients go back to work after 7-10 days.

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