Breast Lift / Mastopexy
Breast Lift / Mastopexy

The method

Mastopexy may not be enough for volumeless and sagging bust. Mastopexy only shapes breasts and eliminates the saggyness. It does not add volume to the breasts. For cases like that, additional sillicone implants can be done to attain optimal firmness.

Hereditary factor

In some cases sagging bust and losing firmness may be hereditary. In some other cases, breasts may develop unevenly; while one is firm, the other one may be significantly different. Women’s breasts may not be at the same size or same firmness. Not only small-sized breasts but also large breasts may get breast lift operation to fix the structure of the breasts without changing the size. The method of the surgery depends on the level of ptosis (sagging).

Patients with minimum level of ptosis may get only implant and fix the problem. The important factor is the connective tissue in breasts.

Regardless of the method used, light skinned or people with normal healing physiology do not get clearly visible scars.

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