How Does the Inspection and Analysis Process Work in Hair Transplantation?
16 December 2022

If you’re considering getting a hair transplant, you should ask a qualified doctor to evaluate your scalp. During this consultation, it is determined whether the donor area has a hair illness, the number of follicles that may be taken without issues, and how to arrange the transplantation of this amount of hair on the head.

What are the Most Effective Hair Transplant Methods?

transplant hair all over the world since the 2000s. In this method, the root units are removed from the outer skin one by one without breaking down and placed in their new places.

It’s crucial to realize that the instruments and equipment used in this operation, like the Sapphire tip, Choi pen DHI, are simply another tool being used in the same technique, not a distinct method or technique.

History of Hair Transplantation and Initial Research

Hair Transplantation was first tried in the USA as an experimental study by Orentreich in 1947. After 20 years, it was seen that the transplanted hair did not fall out, and the technique was developed and made easy to apply.

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