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Cells called fibroblast generate collagen and elastin on skin. Decrease in number of fibroblasts causes loss of flexibility, wrinkles and prolapses on the skin. The number of fibroblasts which is 400.000 in mm³ at the age of 20 decreases up to 20.000 at the age of 40.

Fibroblasts about 100 million are generated from a small sample to be taken from your skin which is completely special for you. These fibroblasts providing young look of your skin are placed in your skin in three sessions.

How is the procedure applied?
• 2 mm diameter small skin sample is taken from the patient from the back of ear with a process lasting 10 minutes.
•These fibroblasts in the sample taken are resolved in special laboratories work with advanced technology and then, are subjected to replication.
•Each sample of 5 ml contains 40 and 50 million fibroblasts 6 weeks later.
•The application is carried out by attending physicians with surface injection technique and it takes 10 minutes.
•The application does not affect your daily life and activities.
•Fibroblasts come in every month are applied in three sessions.

Your new fibroblast cells immediately start necessary collagen and elastin production, and this provides that your tissues become younger and refreshed in about three weeks. This procedure can also be applied to men; there is no medical gender discrimination.
As FDA certified Stem Cell method is specific to patients, it does not lead allergic reaction, side effects and it is utmost reliable.
While it is also possible to get rid of acne marks, wide pores and chaps with Stem Cell Treatment method, hair loss and treatment of festering sores are applied by our dermatologist as well.

If your hair has started to shed recently, or if you think that you are too late;


Stem cell transplantation used for treatment of crucial diseases now heals hair loss and regain of shed hair. Stem cell hair transplantation, having been used in various countries throughout the world, started to be applied in our country. Dr. Melike Külahçı who applies this method in Turkey stated that this method is also applied to those whose hair started to shed and said “Stem cell hair transplantation operation is a treatment method applied in the world and approved by Turkish Ministry of Health”.

The problem of hair shedding affecting people no matter young, old, man or woman. Hair shed depending on numerous reasons more of deeply affects the psychology of people. A solution for hair loss affecting people both in psychological and aesthetic terms stem from the developments experienced in medical world. Stating that stem cell hair transplantation operation is a treatment method applied in the world and approved by Turkish Ministry of Health, Transmed surgery Clinic Medical Director Dr. Melike Külahçı said “with this system activating hair follicles our hair grows stronger and thicker. A support is given with PRP method, being an essential part of the treatment immediately after. PRP (platelet rich plasma) is a method called plasma application enriched in platelet (thrombocyte) terms. PRP procedure had after hair transplantation is also beneficial for the wounds generated and hair to grow after the operation. This is because the cells obtained from own blood of the patient eliminate the risk of infectious diseases and allergy risks, and prompt hair cells as well”.


Stem cell hair transplantation provides treatment methods for two different patients. This method has the role of emergency treatment method for the ones whose hair has started to get thinner, and history of shed does not date back to old times. Indicating that the ones who do not want to fight against baldness apply to this method without losing time, Dr. Melike Külahçı told the details of the treatment saying that “a sum of blood is taken from the patient and the blood which is resolved from thrombocytes is mixed with a special component and injected to hair follicles of the patient. The patient becomes ready for hair transplantation in three weeks after this process. The benefit of the process is that it activates hair follicles and this helps you to gain maximum results in hair transplantation. Hair transplantation that performed after this procedure helps hair to grow in more intense and bulky”.


Stem cell hair transplantation provides a solution for the ones who reach the state of bald as well. In this method, being a cheerful remedy for the patients with long shed history, blood is taken from the patient and sent to the laboratories abroad. After being processed, the blood is applied to the hair follicles of the patient through injection. Pointing out that this procedure increases stem cell, Dr. Melike Külahçı specified so: “The patient is ready for the hair transplantation after waiting for six weeks. Our patients having hair transplantation operation with this method maximizes the result desired and regain stronger and thicker hair. As all procedures are certified by Ministry of Health, patients can apply to this procedure with inner peace and have hair they want”.

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