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Numerous new applications and techniques with recently developed medical technology have made hair transplantation procedures more easily and perfectly done. In this process, a tool aimed at extracting follicles from scalp was developed and it was called as ROBOT for easy understanding..

Artas robot is a system diminishing the number of the people participating hair transplantation however, still requiring an expert director in computer environment. Circular incisions are done with robot on the donor area and follicles are collected by hand from the inside part of these incisions. It is required that the angle and speed of the follicles to be planted during operation shall also be controlled by a physician in computer environment. Robot technology asserts less damage guarantee during collection procedure of hair follicle from donor area on the contrary to the sensitivity of human hand. However, it will be two times slower than the operation to be carried out by human hand and the issue of training of the technic person to direct the machine comes into play herein. According to our opinion, robot technology is at experimental stage yet and Artas robot technology has not started to be used in all aspects in Turkey. One of the greatest reasons of this is its being quite costly and lack of qualified technic person for certain.

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