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Transmed constantly conducts research to evaluate and improve institutional and experimental basis ensuring basic information for the performance of most innovative applications in the field of hair surgery.
It reveals, applies and spreads new data to help finding remedy for hair loss with a common purpose with the world leaders and scientists concerning hair transplantation. 

Our Research & Development Projects
“Transmed Tissue Preservation Solution” project 
In Vivo Replication of follicular units (to acquire an endless donor source). Transmed was honored and granted two prestigious awards by ISHRS in association with “Transmed Tissue Preservation Solution” and “In Vivo Replication of Follicular Units” projects.

FUE Technical Development Project 
This new method was demonstrated to 100 surgeons and researchers from 32 different countries in practice in “The Next Big Thing” congress hosted by Transmed in May 2011. 
Dr. Melike delivered a speech introducing FUE method in Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) congress in Boston in 2010. She was invited to Milano and Bangkok conferences to redeliver her speech.

Reversa: PRP Application
The study carried out about Reversa application was concluded in 2010. Please click for further information about the application. 

Fast Forward: PRP Application 
The study carried out about the application was presented in annual Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) congress in Boston in 2010. Please click for the video of presentation.

Eyebrow transplantation: Methods and Application 
The approach of Transmed concerning eyebrow transplantation was presented in ISHRS 2011 Alaska meeting. 

If you desire to work on or voluntarily participate in our Research and Development projects, please feel free to send us an e-mail:

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