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Hair follicles are stronger with IceGraft method and the results are more efficient! The follicle taken out from your head is awaited in an aliveness increasing solution as per IceGraft merhod applied before hair transplantation and then cooling process is applied. As the quality of tissue increase in the follicles to which the technique is applied, hair transplantation procedure is carried out in more successful manner.

What is IceGraft solution?

IceGraft solution is a mixture that allows survival of tissues and organs out of the body without any loss also actively used in various fields of medicine. If hair follicles taken from donor area during hair transplantation are steeped in this solution before planting, cell and tissue loss of hair follicle is prevented.

IceGraft cleans free radicals attacking healthy cells, regulates pH value of the environment, provides diffusion support for cell membrane and embodies substances protecting intracellular ionic equilibrium in cold environment.

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