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•Transmed Medical Center was founded. 
•“Follicular Unit Transplantation” was started to be carried out.


•“Mini-Micro Grafting” technique was started to be applied.


• Liposhaping and Cosmetic Surgery were started in Rome under the guidance of Dr. Giorgio Fischer.
• Our website on hair restoration was established.
• Transmed Medical Team introduced “Mega Mix Grafting” technique.
• Dr. Melike Külahçı attended ESHRS as a board member, and as the founder and Medical Director of Transmed, and gave lectures in the fifth annual meeting of ISHRS held in Washington DC, USA.


•Transmed medical team carried out a live operation of Mega Mix Grafting in the second annual ESHRS meeting held in Paris, France.


• Hosted 3rd annual ESHRS meeting in Istanbul with the participation of more than 150 Hair Restoration Physicians from all corners of the world.
•ISHRS elected Melike Külahçı as ISHRS Board Governor.


•Research and development studies of Reversa & Fast Forward hair treatment were completed.
•Operation room capacity was raised to 5.


•Dr. Melike Külahçı became the Coalition member founded as an independent supervisory authority in the United States of America.


•In May, The Next Big Thing Workshop meeting was organized. 110 participants from 32 countries came together to watch FUE surgery practices on live stream.


•Dr. Melike Külahçı became the first Turkish and female physician presiding FUE Council.


•Transmed Clinic continues rendering services with limitless patient satisfaction.

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