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Transmed was founded in Istanbul in February, 1994 by Dr. Melike Külahçı as an international medical center to render advanced technology Hair and Cosmetic Surgery services. The latest techniques in the field of Hair Transplantation and Hair Treatments are applied simultaneously with the world.


Transmed Medical Director Dr. Melike Külahçı is the Board Member of ESHRS, the European Society for Hair Restoration Surgery, and the Board Governor of ISHRS, the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery. Transmed team gathered researchers and surgeons from all corners of the world in “The Next Big Thing” conference in May, 2011.



Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most trusted and preferred Hair and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic of Turkey with its scientific Research-Development studies and pioneer clinical applications.



Our Mission

Our Mission is to enhance life quality of our medical guests by providing them with treatment methods compliant with their needs, experienced physicians and professional methods.



Our Values

Being medical guests-oriented: We are passionately bound to our objective on meeting the expectations of our medical guests and providing preeminent satisfaction concerning all services we render.



Our Objective

As Transmed team, we aim at establishing permanent reliable relations between our brand and our medical guests besides ensuring Transmed’s quality as a pursued and trusted clinic in its field.

Preeminent medical services and standards of care and the source of trust is our understanding of uncompromising ethics and experience based on 18 years.



We direct our medical guests in all medical practices, which we suggest and present, considering their health and abiding by our understanding of ethics; and we guarantee reliability of all practices we perform.



We adopted the principle of using world-class contemporary and new medical technological applications for all our practices.

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