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Contrary to other methods, this is the method of taking out micro hair follicle bundles, which are called follicular unit and located on scalp, one by one with special biopsy needles and without any incision in the area between both ears, we call “donor area”.

While limited numbers of grafts are obtained in the transplantations carried out with FUE method in the early years, this number exceeds 3000 in a session with the development of the technical tools used in this method. This has become one of the factors leading both physicians performing hair transplantation and the ones desiring to have a hair transplant to prefer FUE method more frequently. As of 2010, FUE method has become a major hair transplant methods applied in the world.

How is it performed?

Hair transplantation is a procedure that can be carried out without any pain and fainting thanks to local anesthesia. The procedure can be performed smoothly with careful hands and great surgical skills of the physician as it is conducted on the surface skin layers. Again, under the same conditions, it does not cause any side-effect or health risk. It will be possible for patients to listen to music or chat during six-eight hours in the course of the procedure changing as per the preferred institution. Hair follicles are collected by the physician in the first phase. And then, these follicles are placed in incisions and the follicles are planted one by one, lastly. Incisions may be the most critical phase of entire procedure in terms of naturalness of the result. It is suggested that this shall be carried out by a physician having artistic skills.

Who shall do this?

Hair transplantation operation is a complicated procedure to be done by an experienced physician having artistic skills. It is indispensable that the procedure shall be supported by a team of specialists for natural appearance, density of hair and holding donor area harmless.

“Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon” specialized in cosmetic surgery shall be the one to be applied first on the issue. The reason for that is the physicians having this title receive six-year cosmetic surgery career education after six-years medical training. They participate in several cosmetic surgeries during this training. Therefore, choosing a physician specialized in his career must be precondition. Pursuant to the regulations carried out by Ministry of Health and Council of State, hair transplantation can only be performed by Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons in Turkey. It is not legal for the ones aside from Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons to plant hair.

However, not every Plastic Surgeon has received education concerning hair transplantation. Not any public or private university or Medical Faculty sub-department provides this training in our country. Hence, attending physicians’ learning hair transplantation is only possible by doing internship in clinics and other hair surgeons specialized in this issue in foreign countries. Association of Surgery called as ISHRS and headquartered in America makes the names of the physicians receiving this education public every year. The name of Dr. Melike Külahçı is also listed in this training list.


Am I an eligible candidate?

All healthy and matured individuals not having serious chronic disorder, cardiovascular diseases, kidney disorders, uncontrolled diabetes, bleeding and coagulation disorders such as hemophilia and having adequate amount of hair on donor area, the area between ears are deemed as convenient for hair transplantation.

What is the required amount of Graft?

The number of the grafts to be extracted in a session varies between 2500 and 4000 graft pursuant to the donor area of the patient. This means 7500 - 8000 hair follicles in average. As the amount exceeding this number will extend the time, it will start distorting the conditions of the process.

When can I recover?

Thin incrustations reveal after hair transplantation process. These incrustations will disappear in the end of 10 days as fine dandruffs if head is washed every day as of the next day. The patients may continue their daily lives by wearing hat and they can work without any problem.

When can I see the results?

Hairs start to grow in first three months after hair transplantation. Targeted last appearance is reached 9 months and 1 year after the hair transplant.


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Fue Technique stands for “FolicularUnitExtraction” term. It is the work of extraction of micro hair follicle bundles called follicular unit and located on scalp one by one and placement of these into new places. Follicular units to be transplanted are extracted from scalp with a special ...

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FUT technique stands for “Follicular Unit Transfer” term in English. A thin strip is taken from scalp in nape never shed and that area is stitched leading to no marks. After that, the follicles taken from the strip prepared elaborately and made ready for planting. It is required that mor...

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Numerous new applications and techniques with recently developed medical technology have made hair transplantation procedures more easily and perfectly done. In this process, a tool aimed at extracting follicles from scalp was developed and it was called as ROBOT for easy understanding..

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Beard and moustache is also substantial for men in terms of self-confidence and appearance as much as healthy hair is for a man’s appearance. However, in some cases, men cannot have beard and moustache as dense as they desire.

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Eyebrows have a quite significant role in facial expression by encircling eyes. It is observed that facial expression of a person whose eyebrows get thins or partially loss is seriously distorted.

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Hair follicles are stronger with IceGraft method and the results are more efficient! The follicle taken out from your head is awaited in an aliveness increasing solution as

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Fresh Cell treatment is a nonsurgical treatment method. With this new method developed by Transmed Hair Clinic, the area to be planted will be refreshed with Fresh Cell. Fat is taken from abdominal region for this procedure. This fatty sample sent to private laboratories and processed is app...

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Platelet Rich Plasma kelimelerinin kısaltılması olan PRP kendi kanımızdan elde edilen bir çeşit biyolojik ilaç anlamına gelir. Bu tedavi yönteminde; Plateletten zengin plazma sıvısı trombosit kaynaklı otolog proteinler ile karıştırılarak saçların seyrekleştiği ...

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Deride, fibroblast adı verilen hücreler kollajen ve elastin üretirler. Fibroblastların sayıca azalması deride esneklik kaybı, kırışıklık ve sarkmalara yol açar. 20 yaşındayken mm³ de 400.000 olan fibroblast sayısı 40 yaşına gelindiğinde 20.000’e kadar düşer.

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Fue Technique stands for “FolicularUnitExtraction” term. It is the work of extraction of micro hair follicle bundles called follicular unit and located on scalp one by one and placement of these into new places. Follicular units to be transplanted are extracted from scalp with a special ...

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