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FUT technique stands for “Follicular Unit Transfer” term in English. A thin strip is taken from scalp in nape never shed and that area is stitched leading to no marks. After that, the follicles taken from the strip prepared elaborately and made ready for planting. It is required that more than one specialists and teams shall work simultaneously in this technique. The patient shall drop by clinic and have stitches removed after one week. A fine mark is left among strands in FUT technique. The biggest advantage of this technique is its not requiring short haircut.

What is the advantage of FUT technique?

  • Not requires haircut.
  • Mark completely disappears especially in patients with white hair.
  • Ideal for women not desiring haircut and eyebrow transplantation.


Maximum 3500 follicular unites can be collected from a head in average with FUE technique. However, when FUT technique is combined with FUE technique, this number may reach 5000 follicular unites.

The reason for that is the area is used more efficiently as scalp is taken out in strips. Particularly, it is preferred if a FUT operation had. The number of grafts is reached to 5000 units with this technique that we call combo and about 12.000 follicles can be extracted in one go.


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