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Fresh Cell application specific to Transmed
Fresh Cell treatment is a nonsurgical treatment method. With this new method developed by Transmed Hair Clinic, the area to be planted will be refreshed with Fresh Cell.

Fat is taken from abdominal region for this procedure. This fatty sample sent to private laboratories and processed is applied to the areas where hair is weak to enrich follicles. As it increases the quality of tissues on application area, it provides betters results when applied together with hair transplantation.

Fresh Cell treatment is a method suggested to the ones who face with hair shedding problem for long time and having wide bald skin and fine tissue. As the skin becomes rich in terms of connective tissue after treatment, bald skin more easily accepts hair follicles. The result that any person can get after this method is stronger and healthier hair compared to the known hair transplantation procedures. This revolutionary method applied before operation even freshens fuzz and increases the satisfaction of the patient.

Independent from hair transplantation, it is observed that Fresh Cell treatment is particularly successful in women. As the cell is completely taken by own tissue of the person, there is not any side-effects. The result is strengthened and abundant hair …


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