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Fue Technique stands for “FolicularUnitExtraction” term. It is the work of extraction of micro hair follicle bundles called follicular unit and located on scalp one by one and placement of these into new places. Follicular units to be transplanted are extracted from scalp with a special tool one by one and follicles are placed into new places on the same day. As well as this method allows using of hairs on body by extracting those in principle, its combination with FUT technique is also possible.

What is the advantage of Fue Technique?

The greatest advantage of the method is that the places of the follicles extracted one by one are not clear after recovery, that is to say, the process does not leave marks. The places where follicles are extracted in Fue Technique complete their recovery in 24 and 48 hours. As it does not leave any mark, it is possible to use the hair planted with this technique in short.

Am I an eligible candidate?

In FUE method, as in all other hair surgery process techniques, it is analyzed in detail whether the guests coming to our clinic is convenient for hair transplantation or not. Primarily, it is required to query non-genetic factors causing hair loss with blood test. If the tests show that there is not a systematic problem, donor area is examined. In the event that it is determined in the end of the examination that the hair loss type is eligible for hair plantation and candidate has adequate numbers of follicles, an appointment is given to our guest compliant with schedule of our physicians.

How is the procedure done?

The donor area is shaved to facilitate the collection of follicles in the morning of the day of performance of procedure. After shaving, attending physician applies local anesthesia. Therefore, there will be no pain during the procedure. Follicles are collected in the first phase and durable follicles are placed in refined incisions on the surface to be planted.

When can I recover?

Incrustations start to be shown on the planted area during operation. The very first two days are the healing period of the planted and collection area. There is nothing to do other than suggested. Hair care and wash shall be done on the third day as described.
The incrustations on the planted and collected area start to exuviate about ten days after washing. Healing period of both areas is completed fifteen days later and not any mark will be left. 60-70% of the planted hair will be shed three weeks later. Planted and shed hair start to regrow in the end of eight and twelve weeks and this process continues for one year.

When can I see the results?

Majority of planted hair sheds in two to six week after hair transplantation. However, hair follicles remain under skin. New hairs start to grow out of the present hair follicles ten weeks after planting approximately.

Eight to twelve-month after hair transplantation is the most suitable time to evaluate the result. Hairs thicken from the time when hair comes out first till that time and reach the thickness of the hair on nape.
Planted hair does not require any special care. Haircut, washing, hair styling, hair dye and suchlike applications can easily be performed. At the same time, planted hair is coded not to shed and live with you lifelong.

Unshaven Fue

The only difference in this method pursuing exactly the same steps with standard Fue method is that hair follicle extraction is carried out without shaving the hair extraction and follicles are planted in this way. This alternative method can be used for the process of all our guests found out suitable in the end of examination. It shall be taken into consideration that unshaven FUE procedure will last longer than the procedure done with short hair. Furthermore, there is hair loss risk at the rate of 10% during collection from long hair. It is determined whether you are eligible for both hair transplantation and unshaven FUE method are determined in the end of the detailed examination to be carried out by attending physicians and you will be notified about potential losses.

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